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This is the bonus track for “The Best of GEM” playlist.


Apathy and greed is in the human seed
“I need more, to Hell with you” we say so well
How we live and play to get us through the day
Til we hear the bell that summons us from Hell

Hell for which we plead with apathy and greed
Making our own bed and sowing what we’re fed
“I need two and you need none to get me through”
Everyday it’s said from waking hour to bed

  • When we homestead conquered ground
  • And farm upon the soil we found
  • Here’s a choice, a voice to heed
  • Weed out, weed out apathy and greed

Said in word and deed, our apathy and greed
Doing as we please as others beg on knees
“If you still have one, our business isn’t done”
Having peace and ease is not enough to please

– Time to sow another field
– Timt to sow some different seeds
– Ploughing over richer soil
– Rooting, rooting out unwanted weeds

– Winter’s over, spring has come
– Winter’s over, plant your seed
– Plant this in your furtile mind
– Weed out, weed out apathy and greed

Dirty Spirits's avatar
Dirty Spirits said

great song.

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Oosh! A touch of Elvis Costello in your tone here? Very cool.

Guest said

good message and reminder!

Guest said

Thank you. Very good and I will share..

jip's avatar
jip said

I'm liking the harmonica. Nice one.

Guest said

nice and heart felt song.....

Guest said

I'm not ignoring you Gene, can't sign in.... again, waiting for it to be sorted out. Roger M Harris.

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terrysongs said

You,er the best at carrying on the message rick ii'm slowed down by computer changes. So keep up tthe fight.

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