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One of my favorite recordings and favorite songs. The drums of this Political Folk tune was generated with the Yamaha E313. The lead guitar break needs replaced with a violin, but…


Welcome to the final hour
Everybody kneel
Cry out! Let your voices soar
Tell us how you feel

Revel with the fading choir
Everybody bow
Spell out how you served the King
Tell us when and how

So you put your faith in a fleeting thing
So you didn’t know what such wrath could bring
It’s the final hour for sand castle kings
Time to blow the whistle, time to tattle things

Welcome to the midnight hour
Stumble into war
Mother left you with the fire
Mother kept the door

No escaping from the tide
Come to wash away your pride
Blow the trumpets – sing your answer
To the Lover and the Dancer

No escaping from this wave
Come to take what you would save
Hear the trumpets, run for cover
From the Dancer and the Lover

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one like it

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kavin. said

sand castle kings..great

Guest said

Outputy! loving this..

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