Ghost Funky Robot (2015)

7 tracks by Nachei

Gorilla record, guerrilla record... All that kind of names apply to this album. Like many millions of economic refugees, a year ago I was obliged by circumstances to move to a foreign country in pursuit of a less dark future. Musical activity was out of the question at first, at least until I had a minimum modus vivendi. However, I soon found things worked the other way round: faced every day with important material and human challenges, I soon discovered that if I wanted to stay mentally sane I NEEDED to keep on working in my music. (This also brings to mind a story about Jimi Hendrix: when he entered the military service, he also planned to leave music aside for a while. However, after some time, he sent his father a telegram that must have read something like this: STARTING A NEW BAND. STOP. PLEASE SEND GUITAR ASAP. STOP.) I also feel like a cook who, with a fridge almost empty, tries anyway to arrange and present a decent meal in the best possible manner. Why? Well, because that's what cooks do. o