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first Piano lesson 8 years old first Trombone lesson 9 years old first solo on stage with trombone 10 years old first piano solo with chorus singing 11 years old First Chair Trombone in band 9-10-11-12 grades at High School about 14-18 years old Used my 8-track stereo recorder for Biofeedback - 11th and 12th grade. 16-17-18 years old College MMM lots of firsts .. Broke the Roland Jupiter-6 in the electronic music studio at Rutgers - a very sad day,.. I then used all 4 4-track reel to reels in the studio for doing loops after watching Adrian Belew play a Fripp in a box looping device… Lots of other firsts and my supernova II(novation) was bought 22 years ago, I have played it ever since recording mostly everything. my Mac II a Quadra 660 AV was getting used from 1992 till about 2005 for making music videos on s-video vhs out of that with a bliss paint program I started to reprogram that with this think C program for my mac 2 - but video sequences and video sequences were all lost due to a virus deleting my disks 🙁 but the videos were still good. still it starts to blend together into all the same things at times… I guess — Life is good!