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I will post the stems soon — it is going to be like 8 stems for both these songs 4 stems each– it was just a giant song 40 minutes long but I cut it all in half…

Why would particles and antiparticles want to do that?? I believe that all things are alive and aware at any dimension of space/matter so like my liver is aware of what I am doing enough that it does the things I need it to do for me… like the earth is aware enough of the things us humans are doing on it and acts accordingly ,, the earth is an organism of organisms one superorganism but it is just apart of the solar system organism apart of the galaxy it is all connected at all levels the small and the large alike .. and these little particles really I believe they are made of even smaller particles that we can’t study because they are even smaller and these galaxies part of a larger organism we can’t tell because of their size.,, in and out of existence has a reason we just don’t know it yet.