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stuff made on the ipad here,.. Now and perpendicular to now, where shadows are, as we will create the next song of music and make sounds together in the now but also in the perpendicular to now for the theme at sound in. of course any music on theme or not is ok. At right angles to everything are the shadow sounds. But is everything everywhere always in the now and what do we have there? IDK! There’s the new sounds that are perpendicular to everything everywhere. And It is common for me to enjoy the rightness of the right angel angles of shadows and shadow sounds in perpendicular songs that I like. What meaning best describes sounds as being perpendicular to everything everywhere all the time? Or perhaps perpendicular to these sounds, as sound only happens in the now time if any sound happens at all. Yet with my life song and being’s frequency of me being alive, I know now-sounds are nothing or even less than nothing even still. As yet perpendicular now sounds to this are kinds of songs and sounds as singing the everything everywhere or even more than everything and more than everywhere. Here in a new sense of perpendicular songs in time music or timeless music and further the perpendicular but noisy thoughts about sounds as the are. See less,..seymore .. The universe is One thing. There’s really no barriers or divisions between anything. So, my video art will still be experimental structures with new meanings from each persons perspective based on their life experiences and values. Life experiences can change in the viewers life and new meanings can be created from the new experiences even with my same parallel meanings are possible because of the commonality of the art artifact and the place it is viewed besides common consciousness and the altering of it there of.