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garageband performance and edits then ported to logic.. also speed drop between two versions from 160 bpm to 99 bpm – a little bit longer but with midi the notes and sounds are the same just slower being played so the sound is still on. version 2 is the logic remapping of the sounds to alter their parameters I will put totally new sounds to the midi soon and upload and add that here as well. added some thumbjam stuff here too. and then I mashed the thumbjam and quantum spa.. together like that. ////. A quantum spa is a hydromassage tub that is designed to be minimalist and focus on function and effectiveness. The tub is designed for users who think actions speak louder than words. It is a spacious tub that allows you to move freely and enjoy a relaxing back massage. It has a seating capacity of four people. – The Quantum Spa was founded in 2005.