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Multidimensional thoughts (being the evolution) with one or another race or various species of bugs or even the human species can be done by mapping them in idea form where they are an interwoven tree like graphing and branching with each new birth by connection coming from this is to another part having more branching going on as they occur in the tree/map forming patterns similar but different from the original pattern they came from. this idea has no end or beginning as it grows into larger and larger trees and branchings since time has been mapped itself into just a point on the tree that would branch combining with all other kinds of now moments all put together like this. I see this as a thought in my mind so it is just another multidimensional thought of mine.

I did die in the hospital at about 5 years old, I left my body and things like that. I looked back down from above and then went back into my body. And then I realized I could leave my body when I wanted to, and practiced doing that, at 5 years old, in the hospital, so that I can still do that now. I have left my body at times as I sleep and gone everywhere in the universe or even possible universes. ,..and yeah I setup ways to travel out there using some kind of structure through empty space I developed back as a 5 year old, just in a blink of time and going on over all the years, I have been alive. My 58th birthday last month. I don’t consider an umbilical cord connection to my body to get back to me when I am projecting into the universes, probably because things like that don’t matter to me…