Starry Nightmoth and I (Gene Eric Mann) labored a few days on this tricky number. We gave it our best shot, but mucho kudos to Del Shannon’s keyboardist – his break rift was amazing! We settled for sort of faking our way through, which was still an effort of much practice and patience.

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James Michael Taylor said

Love this song. Well done.

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Johnny Stone said

Like it.

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Gene Eric Mann said

BTW, the Del Shannon version is in A minor/A – we transposed our version to E minor/E simply because I can’t “wa wa wa wa wonder” and “wai wai wai wia why” as high as teenage Del anymore.

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Nightmoth said

The “Oboe” lead break in the song’s center is performed by Starry Nightmoth on her Yamaha E-313 keyboard. Please give her some kudos – she practice the rift for 3 days to make this song happen for us!

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