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I Heard Her Call My Name - Velvet Underground


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Cover of the frankly mental 1968 Velvets song I Heard Her Call My Name.

It’s a fairly straight cover except for two things. I wanted to bring in some of the feel of Suicide’s Rocket USA, also I swapped out the lead guitar part from the original - if you listen carefully you can hear my Monotron in its place (Monotron through analogue delay and distortion).

The drums are in GarageBand, although they’re not GB drums, they’re samples from other apps over AudioBus using the GB sampler. The bass is GB.

From Wikipedia…

““I Heard Her Call My Name” is a song by American avant-garde rock band The Velvet Underground. It is the fifth track from the band’s second album, White Light/White Heat. It is a particularly loud, brash and aggressive song that features a pair of atonal guitar solos performed by Lou Reed and repeated use of piercing feedback.

In their biography Uptight, the band claimed they were unhappy with the recording of “I Heard Her Call My Name”, saying that the recording was a poor attempt to capture the energy of live versions of the song.”

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And another ....

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Nice one!

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