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Lyrics - Maiorano
Music - Maiorano / Boudreau

Awake within reality, quietly in repose
Question of mortality, will open gates be closed
Innate sense of morality, theories come and go
Beyond stoic finality, we shed our worldly clothes

Floating flying shining like a glimmering shot
Searching forward the endless mega cosmonaut
no I’m not

Portal through time, multi-dimensional being
Interstellar ride, short sighted, far-seeing
Nebulae climb, while stars are conceiving
Worlds collide, faithless believing.

Illusory visions, semi-sentient state
Blurry conclusions, of our universal fate
Roaming the confines, of bounded (limited) outer space
Hemmed in our own minds, boundless inner space

Flying gliding searching for what time forgot
Floating riding shining like a glimmering shot
Drifting sliding a wondering astro-bot
Searching forward the endless mega cosmonaut
no I’m not

My astral body, roaming creation
Wandering soul, no reservations
Disjointed force, a glimmering shot
Flying gliding…(drifting,riding) Megacosmonaut

Chris - Drums, Guitar, Bass
John MacFadyen - Vocals
Jay Sanderson - Lead Guitar

Bonehead - Guitars, Keys