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Wait n See


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Wait n See

Johnny was sixteen
The first time he died
New to the scene
No matter how hard he tried
He was caught in a down stream
On the wrong side of right
Crossed on the in-between
Cost him his life
But just This time
Oh He’ll be fine
Just you wait and see

Jackie in the red dress
And those legs that never end
Never heard her say ‘yes’
Never make pretend
She’ll tell you your blessed
With the back of her band
cleaning up your mess
Again and again
But not this time
Oh you’ll be fine
Just you wait and see

Time in my mind is a comic strip picture
Quick to get to the next frame
A week goes by on your porch is the paper
And a brand new shot at fame,

Sadie in the sunshine
Shades on her eyes
Posted maybe ten times
Before the sunrise
Never out of your life
No matter how hard ya try
You’re out scrolling all night
But ya cant pass her by
No not this time
Oh you’ll be fine
Just you wait n see

Ricki on a red eye
From sea to shining sea
Gonna change his life
Just you wait n see
But he’s never gonna compromise
Much like pulling teeth
Ricki now stands trial
With his future on its knees
But just this time
Oh he’ll be fine
Just you wait n see

No good deed ever goes unpunished
The hand that feeds is much to blame
A week goes by and on the porch is the paper
A brand new shot at fame
again, Just you wait see

C Maiorano- Drums
J Young - Keys
S Lawson - Lead Guitar
TB - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

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