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This is an exercise in the heavy psych genre. This style of music IMO, is in extended measures. Some can go 64, or even 128 measures. Fun for drummers who count. Just when you think it’s going to change - it don’t. :D

This demo lacks vocals and/or lead instruments. So feel free to use as you please or e-mail me at - I will get back to you when I can.

On a personal note: Some of you know we are fighting the Cancer here and I don’t get a lot of music time. For me, It’s mostly psychological. I just don’t feel it. Not inspired. Just depressed. However, your ole Uncle Paul (and family) don’t quit that easy. We’re growing hair again :) I will be completely musical come RPM 2016. I hope :)

Please know that I am looking forward to it…..already.

Much love- ~WG