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Cherry Pie West w/ Wildgeas

Paul Lennon

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Last one for the Cherry Pie festival.
Don’t mind me, I’m goofing on my WG alter-ego.

If your unaware of my Gunslinging, Wall of Voodoo, Ennio Morricone,
Good, Bad, and Ugly, Fistful of guitars influences, you may NOT like this spaghetti western version. :)

Enjoy Cherry Pie with a bit of Spaghetti and a Pignose amp sim.

More cowbells!

© 2014 Conner - Lennon

Guest said

Cherry pie - is good

Guest said

Yes!!! Another way to slice it!

Gene Eric Mann's avatar
Gene Eric Mann said

Like a psychedelic spaghetti western tune -- very tasty! ;)

Merry Bear's avatar
Merry Bear said

I am really, truly, digging this!

Merry Bear's avatar
Merry Bear said

YES! I love every micron of this -- Rock on!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

*You are on a roll!!!!!* *Added to the Playlist:*

Guest said

Ooo er, I'm having what you're having! Cheers Bee

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