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Ghosts Dance With Me


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i started this song in may, finaly got it done. much too much going on in my life.
the big thing is i will be moving out of state. packing everyday and no longer have
any time nor access to my music or instruments. this one was done but sitting for
editing, and mixing for some time. i do not even have time to practice.
anyways this is a song about a guy going to a haunted house. a halloween song.
the style is typically mine as some will notice but i am using some different riffs
and some have unusual timings. trying some new things here. also as usual it is a rough
demo and it is not perfect. running time is about 9:30. if you listen, i thank you!

                               1896 - ghosts dance with me © by frank miller

i don’t know what she saw
but i know she died of fright
a haunting in a strange house
oh how deadly was the night
the vibes were just not right
please tell me again this place is not haunted!

took a dare, spent the night
looking for the high of fright
ethereal beings, souls crying
moans of the dead heavily sighing

from dusk till dawn we searched
voices in the background
chills in the air
feelings of despair
something coming over me

sitting there looking at me
talking inside my head pains me
i clear my head from the dead
i feel the chill blanket me

blood drips from my eyes
i stand mesmerized
trying to get back
inside myself

darkness has taken me
there is no light i can see
spectres call to me
ghosts dance with me


yeahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh

awww come on!

just then i could see myself
but i was not in myself

someone, something had taken over
that’s when my spirit fell!

as i looked around
i clearly saw spirits
but my own self - barely visible
i’ve slipped to the other side
without death, without pain
or have i gone insane!?

i fought and i fought
and finally regained my body to my soul
the fight left me bloodied and bruised but i am again me!


yet it tried again to take me away
but i managed to gain control
you will not capture my body, nor my soul!

i cannot believe what just happened
a lot more than mere ghost hunting
battered and bruised i survived
as the sun rises in the east
but this doesn’t phase me in the least
some day i shall return
for this dance is not over
not over by far
not at all!

ghosts dance with me
ghosts dance with me

Guest said

Dark Black Sabbath type riffs. Creepy, like a whole ghost story being acted out in front of us. Excellent! Pity you are leaving, hope you can make it back one day. Good luck buddy!

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