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No Longer At Home / Evil Follows Me


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this is a dual title song. dark and gloomy as usual and has the live feel i often go for.
the lyrics are no big deal. they can mean whatever you want them to.
running time is about 7:30. thanks for your time and listen!

                     1884  no longer at home / evil follows me © by frank miller

don’t tell me why
i don’t need your reasons why
i don’t need your lies to cry
you’re on your way as i sigh
broke my heart but i refuse to die
there’s nothing left to even try
you can’t fool me another time

ohhhhh nooooo
i can’t let it go
i can’t do this anymore

standing alone
no longer at home
in a twilight zone
with regrets i moan
yeah i moan

yeah alright

don’t tell me bout the things you chose
cause you’ve got so much to lose
think, and think again twice
you can’t even see wrong from right

i love ya but your heart is black
ya don’t care who you stab in the back
i gotta keep my distance from you
or else i will get screwed again

no fun being toyed with
don’t have to put up with this shit
cause you don’t care for no one but yourself

strolling upon a pre-spring night
moon shining full and bright
a crow flying out of sight
i hear sounds but no fright
at it’s ethereal height

darkness moves across the land
from a grave reaches out a hand
but i keep upon my way
not caring what it had to say
till i reach to where, i don’t know
evil seems to follow me

it is dark but i still see
fates finger pointing at me
terrors trying to break me
as if to dig my grave
trying to take my life away

evil follows me
death is my love
evil follows me
death is my love
evil follows me
death is my love

once awake
i find nothing
has changed

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vaisvil said

wicked nightmare!

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