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Once Upon A Toke - Buzzed


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well, because of a lot of personal stuff, life happening i haven’t had much time to practice
nor create much music. i finally got some time and finished a song i made in about april or may called
once upon a toke, a song about cannabis. it is a 2 part song with the ending called - buzzed, an instrumental.
as always, just a rough demo for a reasonable presentation and on the the next song. thanks to anyone who listens.

                                    1895 once upon a toke©

yeah alright
come on now light it up

dont party like i used to
getting so blasted
getting beyond wasted

but i
like to light one up now and then
feelin laid back
feelin mellow

and i’d
like to share some with you
especially when you’re feelin’ blue

well, are you?

smoke, like fog billowing across a blacklight
sweet sweet smell in the air
eyes a glaze, mind phazed, but not crazed
you breath a sigh and share
there is no anger nor hate
you smile, you feel great
everyone is your friend
everyone is at ease
the music infiltrates your mind
much different than normal
you are there, you now see
you now feel in a deeper way

i’m havin such a good time
come on smoke with me
light it up

cough laugh

awww man
this shit is good

why is it still illegal
you hypocrites in politics
you smoke it yourself or used to
how can you keep it from us

leave me alone
let me have my own
you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about
what are doin’ to us all
putting us in jail
for merely smoking
or having it on hand
just for the pleasure
we face jail
awwww man
i’m not bothering anyone

give the people what they want!

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