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Pilotless Drone

Pillow head and eyelid skies, no dark thoughts beneath the shallow water.
But further out and deeper down sink the stories that you taught me.
Of horsemen and a dying land, and both of them become my masters.
Life was filled with guns and war, as was my head, as a boy.

Come and see! Come and see!
I looked and you were there before me.

A rider sitting on a pale horse.
A coat of yellow-green.
And as your eyes sweep cross the valley they settle down on me.

Can you hear it in the sky? (Come and see.)
With a voice like thunder?

When I awoke, you spoke to me and said,

“If you’ll just look outside, the sky will answer you.
The clouds are gathering into a fist.
Down, down..”

It’s not so hard to know you
And even now, hiding in the dirt, I’m just a shadow of myself
I couldn’t help but guessing
And though I try I can’t remove my eyes
What do you ride on?
Does it make you who you are?

Don’t forget reality.
Focus on the day.
Don’t lose sight of the sun.

You should have stayed inside the books we read.
How could it have gone so bad?
It’s not so hard to recognize you.
But how do I forget?
When I’ve awakened, will you still be in my head?

What do you call the horse you ride on?
And what does he call you?

I know your name.
Your name is death.

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