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The Conversation

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This was written about prayer in that sometimes there is only God who understands how we feel.

 The Conversation

You will be the One I cry to
Behind closed doors, the world at bay
There we will sit, though I won’t feel You
As we watch the rain

I will speak my thoughts and feelings
Lay them down before Your feet
How graciously You will receive me
Quiet as I speak

Baring all to You, my Saviour
Desperate pleas to understand
And from the silence; without knowing
My heart hears Your command

Step back, look down
Remove your crown
Put there by pride
And stand aside
Give me full reign
To work My way
And heal their wounds
Love them through you

Deep within, I know You’re moving
It’s nothing that I can describe
I hear no words but know You’re speaking
Thoughts are brought to mind

And I know with conviction
What you ask of me this time
I must take it all in silence
Bare my back, keep my hands tied

And step back, look down
Remove this crown
Put there by pride
And stand aside
Give You full reign
To work Your way
And heal our wounds
Love them through You
Through You

© 2011 Paul Lisney
8/28/11 - 9/4/11