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I Can't Find My Own Way

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Melancholy little tune about an ending that we never saw coming.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

This hits the spot! I agree with previous comments, Byrds, Kinks, something from a long lost era. The song feels very familiar to me. Very inviting.

Guest said

You have great atmosphere in your songs.

Guest said

This is so good! Sounds like the byrds era music. nice lyrics

Permanent Tourist's avatar
Permanent Tourist said

Wistful. Right up my alley.

Guest said

You have a definite "Byrds" sound. really nice.

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Ghost of John Murphy said

this is a gooder 'un

John Robson's avatar
John Robson said

Back for another listen... love it :-)

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Sister Savage said

Ah the worst kind of ending…but so beautifully weaved. Love your style.

John Robson's avatar
John Robson said

Lovely stuff... reminds me of The Kinks :-)