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someone's at the door

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was making music tonight when my dog started barking for no reason, but mild paranoia convinced me of the possibility that i did not hear anything outside of my headphones. i then made this song…

actually, i already had the song half-finished and i liked this title for it, cause coming up with titles can be a pain.'s avatar said

oh, i had no idea *that stuff* could be caused by the headphones. time to restate my assumptions!

Guest said

I've had the weird phenom. of making a song while using headphones only to find later, when I listened without headphones, that it didn't sound as good as I thought. I try to compose without headphones. But I gotta say I like this one. I have also noticed that certain frequencies can bring about auditory "hallucinations" with headphones on.

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ShamPain said

some good beats and interesting layers but needs a little tidying up I think's avatar said

i think it could be boring, somewhere in the middle... repetetetetive.

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