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the hand vanishes

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has an Alan Watts sample in it that discusses the vanishing of the hand when lacking background. as i wanted to keep my hand, i gave some background to the song, and as a result it is pretty well-layered.

i was wondering how you think you write your best tracks: sober or under the influence?

for me-
under the influence my songs tend to be slow, dragging, paddy, echoey, delayed, spacy, and extremely detailed.

i have no idea what my sober songs would sound like, as i can’t remember which were done sober. i think that may sound a lot cooler than it actually is.

Guest said if you stopped getting high for a while, you might actually feel high? :)'s avatar said

@NebulonicAlchemy: thanks for your elaborate reply. i believe we think along the same lines. i know about the acid-experiments and stuff - a lot of the pioneering work for that has been done right here in the Netherlands. i've gotten so used to making music while high, that it has become normal for me. have to do something about that, as, like you said, too much of anything is never right.

Guest said

REPLY TO DESCRIPTION: It's been a while since I smoked out. Both aspects have pos. and neg. I find that I try to be more precise when I'm not smoked out. And it was opposite when high. I'm exactly opposite as you are though. When I was high, I would write songs that were VERY DIFFERENT and fast paced. I was more experimental. And it I used to try and use it as a tool to alter my style of composing. I would try to think along the lines of a vision quest. A learning experience. I believe trees and plants have ALOT to teach us if used correctly. I sometimes wonder if they aren't smarter than us. lol. Too much of anything is bad...that includes reality IMHO. As for drinking and composing....oh hell no. I wouldn't even bother trying it. Alcohol is legal and smoke isn't?? WTF?!?! I think marijuana is the only tool I'd use for it allows me to see past all the sadness that life can bring and focus for extremly long periods of time. Why do you think in alaska it's legal to grow up to 6 pot plants? Helps with the isolation factor. It definately helped when I was wokring on my own animated story...I was doing all the music/voiceovers/animation. Colleges in the USA have been doing studies with acid and people who are dying. They say it is beneficial for people getting ready to leave. They feel more of a sense of god...And at ease. I don't remember the details. But....that's my take on it. :) btw: I like this song...good foundation to add to. Mix it day smoked..the next day not. :) Makes it more interesting.

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