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Be Afraid

Robert James


I thought it would be cool to write something in drop D and then play it on a 12 string. Then I could drop two D’s! HarHarHar.

The lyrics are about how scary some of Donald Trumps followers are. If he wins in November I’m moving to Europe.

Rhythm guitars are my Takamine F 400S. Lead is my Gibson ES 335 Pro.

i dont know whats scarier
the man or the people he leads
so much hate surrounding them
the fear is just out of control
I never imagined
I never believed I’d see
things get this crazy
the ball is beginning to roll

be afraid of everything
the monsters coming for you
be afraid of everyone
no matter what they do

can we restore our greatness
building on just fear
paranoid delusions
this will end in tears

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Guest said

You’d be very welcome in Europe Robert but believe me we have our own problems. Nice work

Johnny Stone said

Another cool track

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