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50/90 Challenge song number five of 50.

I feel like most of what I am coming up with right now is overly simplistic. Is that a conscious thing or not? I don’t know. This one has the benefit of being a blues in A minor in 3/4 time. A waltzing blues? Who knows. My favorite part is the extra two bars tacked onto the end of the first chorus. My least favorite part is probably the solo at the end. I should have backed off the gain and not used the wah pedal. Oh well, live and learn (and then do the exact same thing the next time you come up with a 12-bar blues, which I suspect is going to be a lot this year. It’s only day 16 out of 90 and there are already two in the pipeline. Oh well).

Guitars are all my Les Paul Standard 50s and the amp is a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The rhythm used an MXR uni-vibe and a Ryra The Klone. The lead used a crybaby wah, the Ryra, and a Wren and Cuff Super Russian.

I feel it closing around me
I feel it closing around me
come on lets go
I do it ‘cause you say so

Verse 1
Get away from me
Get away from me
I have had enough
Leave it behind

Verse 2
come away with me
come away with me
I can not explain
can’t believe it

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