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Doin' that Cave Man Thing

Robert James

I was a prog rock fan for years when suddenly in high school I got really into what would eventually be called Alternative. It was so weird to me that music so uncomplicated could be so good. Some songs were even made up of one phrase repeated endlessly and using only the melody and dynamics to differentiate between verses and choruses and whatnot.

So every so often I steal that idea. I thought this was cool when I first started working on it. Then as it developed, I liked it less and less. It’s okay, I guess. I have to say that I like the line “black death returning, have some polio too.” That might be as close as my thick skull can get to being clever.

The amp is a Fender Bassbreaker. The rhythm guitar is an ES-335. The lead is a Les Paul through a cheap Joyo Vintage Phase pedal.

stone knives and bear skins
distant cave man past
feeling nostalgic come and take me back

Black death returning
have some polio too
this is where we’re heading
and you know it’s true

Just Like the old days
when the mumps could kill you
who needs the vaccine lets see what faith can do

Back alley coat hangers and rusted knives
This is where we’re heading
you can bet your life.

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