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I Give Up

Robert James

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The first May 2020 Music project song to be finished.

I did the RPM Challenge in February.
In March I did another one… just because.
In April I did the COVID-19 RPM Challenge Bonus edition.
In May I am doing another one… just because.

The music here is a gimmick. With the exception of the two little short bridges, all of the sections are the same just in different keys.

The rhythm guitars are a Gibson Les Paul to Klon KTR to the Fender Bassbreaker 15. The leads are the same Les Paul to the same KTR to a Fulltone OCD to a Mooer (I think) Yellowfall delay for a little slapback, to a TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini to the same Fender Bassbreaker 15. I really need to stop listing all of this stuff.

the trick to making it through
is not to care
won’t matter what else you do
you’re just not there

Verse 1
I give up
I give up
No way out
no way out

Verse 2
time has come
time has come
No fight left
No fight left

Verse 3
I give up
I give up
No fight left
No fight left

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slkrell said

Hi You are new to me but I was pulled in by the 7/8 time signiture Then the lead sat just right over the Groove Moved on to this one and found your pedal list a carbon copy of my faved , good to list equip I like to know. Good stuff Mate

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