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No Chance for Me (Part 1)

Robert James

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The RPM Challenge site’s Record Every Month Challenge has an entry for June. This one started out in May but it was just the chords from the chorus in the little music memo file on my iPhone. It didn’t actually become a song until June. It’s not much of a song, of course. That little Emin-Amin thing became the chorus and the verse and pretty much everything.

The title says part one because I kinda wrote this same song twice without really realizing it. Possibly more to come on that later, assuming I can finish the other part before the end of the month.

All guitar parts are a Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s through a Vox AC15. Pedals on the rhythm guitar parts are just a Ryra The Klone with a little MXR Uni-Vibe in the bridge. The leads used the Ryra again along with a Wren and Cuff Super Russian, both the fuzz and the boost were on.

Of all the times to come apart this is the one for me
Of all the days to come unglued it has to be you see

Verse 1
So you see for me it had to fall apart
you know the way it always seems to go

Pre Chorus
I’ll tell you all about it

Verse 2
Maybe now you’ll know what I’ve been feeling as
the world unmakes and crumbles into dust

I’ll give you first hand info
Everything that you need
I’ll share the whole entire thing
Someday you will see

Outro Chorus
No chance for me
No chance for me

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