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Now We Know

Robert James

I had this thought this year that maybe I will try and come up with drum parts that don’t sound very traditional. Sort of like mid-80’s Neil Peart kinda things. In the end there were only a few songs that I attempted something. This is one. I thought going from 6/8 to 4/4 would be a cool break, but now I think it sounds stupid. I did not include this one on the RPM album, but I still used it for fawm.

The guitars are all Les Paul through a Fender Bass Breaker, using a Nano Bass Big Muff fuzz pedal.

You feel it
around you
its coming
get ready to fight
You know it
believe it
don’t doubt it
you know that you’re right

the answer
no questions
the time is right now
Speak loudly
Speak Strongly
Don’t waiver
Don’t give in to hate

now we know
what we’d have done
had we been there
in there place

This is the only way
this is the better way
for us to stand up to all the hate

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