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2021 5090 #4.

This one is okay. It feels a little too… mathy? Is that a thing? I feel like maybe there needs to be more going on in the chorus, but it has three part vocal harmony so there’s that. Subconsciously the whole point of this song is probably just having the lead guitar adding the third voice to the guitarmonies at the end. Oh well.

The guitars are all Les Paul Standard. The amps are all Fender Bassbreaker 15. the rhythm parts used a Ryra The Klone and the lead just used a Wren and Cuff Super Russian.

Verse 1
Its not my fault
I’m just a pawn in this game
Or so they say
probably call it by name

Verse 2
Always the same
Up to my neck in trouble
Let me explain
Its time to burst this bublle

Call on me
Count on me

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