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Shut Up

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2021 50/90 Song Number 36

It’s the 36th song finished even though it was the 10th song started. It’s been sitting collecting dust for quite a while.

The idea was to write a proggie 7/8 rocker where the drummer played with brushes. GarageBand actually has a couple of session drummers that use brushes. This is one. Fascinating, eh?

If I ever do this one again I am going to can the brushes and give the drums the appropriate level of rock.

The guitars are all my Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s and the amp is always my Vox AC15. The rhythm used a Klon KTR and a Keeley D&M Drive (just the Mick side). The lead used a Wren and Cuff Tri Pi ‘70 and the KTR. There’s some “woman tone” in the middle of this song, but unlike the guy who “invented” “woman tone” I’m not an anti vaxxing asshole. End rant.

I guess now I’ll shut up
I have nothing to say
Might have given too much
hold on one more day

Verse 1
Just stay quiet
Go on try it
just don’t buy it
no tears for me

Verse 2
Its my calling
no more stalling
its just talking
always for you

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