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The Baron

Robert James

I’m really disappointed in this one. I don’t like it. I wrote it last night and recorded it today. I think if I changed the lyrics to be about hookers I could probably sell it to Poison or Motley Crue. I feel dirty and ashamed of myself.

The lyrics are even worse. It was an attempt to honor Paul Kantner’s memory but all it is is stolen lines and song titles. Crap on top of crap. I am so sorry, Paul. This is probably the kind of garbage that made him leave Jefferson Starship. Urgh.

we can be together
we can reach the stars
we can travel higher
we can get that far

I looked inside that broken clock
but theres no one left inside

I looked around the house on the corner
but theres no one there to find

we all knew it was bound to happen
it was due in time
we looked into the tigers eyes
and we saw a wild time

cant we just have one more Saturday
wont you try

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Johnny Stone said

Like it dig the vocals

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