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The Mess

Robert James

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2023 50/90 Challenge song idea #40 becomes finished song #30. A typical attempt at head banging in 7/8 time. Mediocre at best.

All of the guitars are my Gibson SG into the Fender Bassbreaker 15. The fuzzy rhythm tracks are a Way Huge Russian Pickle into a Klon KTR. The cleanish rhythm tracks are an MXR Phase 95 into the KTR. The leads are a Real McCoy Customs RMC10 into the Russian Pickle into the KTR.

Verse 1
I don’t recall
what caused the fall I wonder
It seems so small
against the wall go under
That’s the way I see it

Verse 2
Did not expect
you to reject my feelings
show some respect
do not object the meanings
I can guarantee it

This is the chance we’re taking
Another day
This is the mess we’re making
this is the way

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