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Welcome to the Routine (2020 Version)

Robert James

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I know I should be working on National Solo Album Month, but I’m two timing this month and working on more re-recordings as well. This is the first song for volume three.

I wrote this in 2016 during my June album in a month project. I had no intention of adding it to the list of songs to redo until a couple of weeks ago. There was another song from that month on the project on the list already and I wanted to listen to it to practice a little. I saw this on the playlist and gave it a spin for the first time in four years (probably) and put it right onto the list.

This arrangement is mostly the same as the original. I shortened the first solo and added a key change at the end. I feel it works a little better now. Not sure of this mix though as I’m pretty sleepy right now. I can’t say for sure if it’s any good or not. We’ll see in the morning.

The rhythm guitar and the little melody part that sounds alarmingly similar to “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” were played on a Gibson ES-335 Pro through both a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The rhythm used a Ryra The Klone pedal and the melody used the Ryra and a Chicago Stompworks Blooze Maker. The lead part was a Gibson SG into the Ryra and a Wren and Cuff Super Russian through the same two amps.

It’s always been the same
It’s always been that way
It’s never going to change
You’ll always feel the pain

It’ll never set you free
It’ll never let you be
You just wait you will see
You’re never getting free

Welcome to the routine
It’s got you now you see
The rest of your life belongs to me

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Greg Connor said

Great tone! Thanks for explaining it in the description.

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