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Possum Holler Road

Bobby Hamblin

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I used to hang out there a lot.

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Gene Eric Mann said

In Surry County, NC, where I'm from, we have a community called Possum Trot, just down the road from Pig Shin. I noted you played my "niaR" (Rain), and I appreciate it, but out of 81 songs, it is the one and only like it, and I know it's not like anything you do. Please don't judge my music and style by that one backward noise mix. I've been checking you out -- Nightmoth, Merry Bear, and Justin Otter Guy are all me. I dig your style. I'm from the heart of Appalachia and I grew up surrounded by musicians who reflect your style and I respect it, highly.

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Wildgeas Music said

Am diggin' some Bobby Hamblin. Good night, good wine, great music. Thanks man. Good tunes.

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