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I wrote this song about Dementia, my father does not know who I am even though he lives with my wife and I…he is 91 and very happy and never gets upset, but I can see he gets scared sometimes. he has to be watched all the time..he has wandered off a few times and gets lost…I asked Greg Connor if he would like to help me with the melody and sing it for me I sent him the words and chords …he got Mark Lofgren to work on it with him and this is what they came up with in just a few hours..thanks guys for a great job..let us know what you is a dark song written about my dad ( I have been his caregiver for 3 years now) but Greg and Mark have really captured what I wrote

here are the lyrics

What happened to me, I don’t know anyone?
Where am I, how did I get here?
Am I still having fun?
It’s dark outside, is it day or night?
I’m so lost and scarred
Will I see the light?

If I forget you, will you remember me?
I’ll be in my chair, just trying to be
Someone, somewhere, it’s so hard to see

Verse 2
You say I’m old and I live here with you
This is not home, I have to leave
There is so much to do
Where is my car, I must go
Back to my life
The one that I know

Did I fall down the stairs
Did I hit my head
I want my life back
But can’t leave this bed
How did it happen
It’s just not fair
I look so different
Where is my hair Where is my hair……..

Verse 3
Is it time for school, am I running late
Where are all my friends
And the girl that I date
Can’t be this lost, I have to get back
What the hell happened to me
My mind is all black

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Greg Connor said

Mark and I enjoyed bringing this song to life. You really wrote a beautiful song.

Guest said

Beautifully written song to describe a difficult situation. Heartfelt and well written Ron!

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Colleen Dillon said

Wow! What a great song Ron. It brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful performance by Greg and Mark!!! All my best to you and your Dad.

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