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You Taste Delicious, Version 1


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A love song for you.

The song is the musical rendition of a piece from my book, “PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings,” which can be found here:

Composer and producer: Rob Brezsny
Lead vocals: Adrienne Shamszad
Backing vocals: Jessica Rice
Guitar, bass, production assistance: Josh Brill

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richardlaceves said

also very interesting,,, you have a great overall sound

Guest said

Wow what a voice! So clean and clear and strong and beautiful! just great.

Guest said

very nice voice and cool work going on here. I've heard this voice before. Who is this?

Guest said

Wow....loved both versions! I just found this site and I'm so impressed with your work. Thank you for sharing. mary

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ThatGuysMe said

Have enjoyed all your work Rob, your scopes, W.E.W. and "Pronoia." The sounds are great, the ideal, as always, is pervasively subtle. Glad to see you dancing with Euterpe once again.

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Rick Phillips said

nice vocals Adrienne!

Guest said

Witty, slick and captivating!

Guest said

Wow awesome vocals!!! The beats are great, the bass is kickin and the guitars are sweet and to the point. Nice work!!

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