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Who Asked You


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Written Last Century….Every Word Holds It’s Own Today.

Always someone out there judging shit they know nothing about. As it will be till the end of time. In the meantime, my simple response has always been, “Who Asked You”


Tell Me Who
Tell Me Who
Tell Me Who
Who Asked You

I Hear You Say That You Think I’m To Tall Well Who Asked You
Then I hear you lie to someone else and say I’m too small Who Asked You
I hear you complain I really don’t care Hey Who Asked you
And the some bald ass says cut your hair well fuck you who asked you


So you think I don’t work and I’m a little lazy well your right but who asked you
I don’t see thing s the way some square brain sees things etc
You tell me this but you swear by that..well who asked you
you won’t catch me doing some 9 to 5 a whole lot of jive who asked you


Now listen up
so you don’t like my shirt my shoes my hair
Why don’t you look in the mirror and see what it is you really hate
I come from my heart my heart is good shut your fucking mouth
Who asked you

Now Listen To The Angels

Who asked you

I don’t ask you

You offer me this then you ask for that who asked you
I don’t want your money you can shove it honey I don’t ask you
and you can kiss me with your advice yeah kiss me where the sun don’t shine
So let me tell you just one more time who asked you

bunch of chorus stuff

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Andrew Russe said

Hehe - another "big smile on my face" track. I nearly choked on my sandwich when it went "Now Listen To The Angels"

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