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Flat Out Meditation

Mr Sandbags

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Something I’ve been listening to this morning on repeat so I thought I would record and share it.

At heart it’s two instances of the Morpheus metallophone instrument layered together with some nice verb and a bit of compression.

One of the metallophones has a ‘beating’ effect applied to it that is related to binaural beating. Creates a rather hypnotic wobbling effect that I like very much in this context.

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mmi said

Listened many times. Still haven't thought of anything to say. So I'll just leave it at: Kilroy was here.

Guest said

I see icicles with the ends dripping. All lovely, crispy clean and sparkly. Very nice, Bags!

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Johnny Stone said

Great mix of very cool sounds.

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Movement To Contact said

very nice.

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Mr Sandbags said

@igor: words fail me :) @sister: thank you :)

Guest said

Lovely tones.

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igor said

At heart it's a Tibetan, lost in mantras, is not seeking to escape because he did not need it anymore. He is in himself, completed. ~The Long Now~

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