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Cthonie Rests Below The Errth -The Rain Cannot wash away your stain.

Lord Sluk

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I was baptized by the Deep Goddess, she anointed me with her blood and I healed the world.

Dream: I was the savior of a dying, post apocalyptic world. My job was to go into the basement of a large demolited building. When I got down to the lowest level I saw a very large , obese, naked black woman all decked out as an egyptian goddess. I approached her. she laid on her back and spread her legs open and beckoned me to put my face on her. As i did so, she ejaculated all over me. I was literally covered in fluid. I was also very gitty when I stood up. I returned to the surface world and I could fly. I flew a bit but I didn’t want anyone to know I could fly so I hid the gift from others. I just went around healing people like a d&d cleric.

Guest said

awesome soundscape

Guest said

nice work. FNG!

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Reefwalker said

I like the soundscape. The keys sound cool with the rain backdrop

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Johnny Stone said

Great track mate dig it.

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pratikjointone said

amazinz...... very well worked!!!

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lam said

Phantom of the opera...must still be living

Guest said


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glu said

haha the track description was updated with the "Dream" since I last saw/listened to this one. wowza

Guest said

Since I had several complaints. I want to know if anyone finds this to be more, or less offensive then anything I have ever said? Read the entire description to this song.

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kirklynch said

Oooh! Heavy stuff. Dig it!

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glu said

love the story behind this one.

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