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02 Parting Gift


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the bed and goldfish are all the remains
the bed has got fleas and goldfish is floating
facedown in the water, the bowl on the floor
i’m just gonna stare for one moment longer
sit down in the dust where the couch used to be
reading a note that was nailed to the door
i’m not gonna cry though you’ve taken it all
and your final words are a knife in my eye
“let me leave you with this one last thing
a memento of the last 5 years
drowning in your tiny little bowl
and being eaten alive by your love”
been beaten down all my life
must be something wrong with me
can’t be dwelling on this
but i’m be remiss to not agree
all the right ways to photograph a broken man
with all the emptiness that can exist inside a heart
if i had one now, a still-life of what you left
i would set it aflame
and burn it to ashes

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Matt Ferrara said

Me likey.

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Sister Savage said

Timeless awesomeness.

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