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This one was saved from an old cassette heading towards the bin....some might say it should have carried on ..............it is an early recording of Thetworegs ad-libing unplugged from an hotel room in Germany on a wet Sunday in 1994......Elvis…read more
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Starting out as a simple and awe inspiring invention, progressing to a more chaotic and demanding machine driven future. - people becoming enslaved to these devices. Feeding the machine. Phone samples were recorded from the output jack of my…read more
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This is my song Floating fully recorded at Blue Frog Studios. Alsooo check out the video for a live version! Enjoy :)
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there's a story to the story of the fuzzy years of my life. Unfinished song, just one progression looped really so far with words to the story. it's "always the top of the street somewhere" was a phrase we used to describe how no matter what…read more
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Kaia my wonderful new grand daughter @ 6 months old!
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Hi folks, play a bit acoustic guitar and from time to time I write a song :-). Most of my stuff comes from online collaborations.

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