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Demo #5 for FAWM ’22.


Hyperfocus, I didn’t notice where the time went,
hocus-pocus kinda like magic, kinda like hypnosis
can turn it on sometimes for a purpose, other times it’s
self-defeating when I need to be
Completing something and deadlines nearing
gone down the rabbit hole overfeeding
curiosity. Cat can lose nine lives fast if he
eats the birds eye view and the real world
don’t come through
know they are counting on
you to meet the challenge that you asked for.
Sounded good at the time, but then you ass,
found something shiny and new that
You had to look into.
Get it together, you know you got this
You just gotta find your balance

Was I day dreaming. Guess I didn’t hear them
leaving. Must said goodbye, must have been some
reason why I didn’t notice they left.
Wonder where they went to. Bit confused that I
wasn’t included in it. Check my phone records,
messages missed, dozens unread,
conversation threads are all one sided,
friends confiding to a spectre,
makes you wonder why they bother,
drop a couple smileys, to
acknowledge, your still listening.
Obvious attentions missing. Get
discouraged that you ain’t maintaining
your end of the relations gets you wondering where the line is.
Couldn’t handle losing,
Gotta put the time in..
you know you got this
You just gotta find your balance

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Andrew Russe said

Love the lyrics and delivery on this.