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Scared Straight in Memphis

Spice Rack Collective

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John N. - Lyrics
Tony H. - Vocals
Jesse C. - Recording, Mixing
Kevin Craig - Guitar, Shaker

When I told John the operating theme for the album (“We Did the Best We Could in the Time We Had”), he wrote down some lyrics expressing the “bow wave of fear” that he felt while driving to St. Jude’s in Memphis after his son’s cancer diagnosis. Their St. Jude story had a happy ending - his son is 5+ years past treatment, cancer-free, attending college, and traveling with his girlfriend. :)

Many thanks to John for going back to that rough time and putting his thoughts on paper for us to interpret.

Thanks to Tony, too, for lending his beautiful voice (and critical eye), and to SFC Cowart for some spot-on suggestions in the studio.

I hope to do more with this song in the future, so hopefully this is just a quick demo of something that will grow. :)

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