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Time To Dance

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Vocals: Holger Bremer
Lyrics: Katherine Wong (Casia)
Composed by Steffen Offermann (original music) & Holger Bremer (vocal melody)
Arranged & mixed by Steffen Offermann


The singer, Holger Bremer, has a strong German accent which makes some parts hard to understand, but I hope you will enjoy this little song anyway.

I wrote the music three years ago, and Holger has loved it from the moment he first heard it. When he found Casia’s lyric, he thought it was perfect for this music, and so he sang this tune on top of it.

The song has been collecting dust on my hard disk since then. I wasn’t very much conviced of it at that time, and eventually forgot about it. Yesterday I found the draft in my archive and wondered why I had never finished it. So I mixed it, and here is the result. Now I love it. :)


Time To Dance

Katie was forced into the underground
A place where she may never be found
An endless trip without her friends
Only hope will survive in the end

Drinking and drugs to hold back the tears
Psychological bondage in a world of fears
She’ll fight to set herself free
Or surrender in her dignity

There’s no way out of a cheap hotel
A one-night stand
Just a victim of circumstance
When will it be her time to dance

The circle of fear goes on and on
Control and abuse is the life of a pawn
In the city’s heart is the tenderloin *)
A street corner fix for a silver coin

A flight into terror consumed by lust
Sleeping on the floor in a pile of disgust
It’s a place she may never be found
A sex trade journey to the underground

There’s no way out of this cheap hotel
One-night stands
Become life in Hell
Another pretty face
Cut up in a web
Did she run away
Or is she dead

There’s no way out of this cheap hotel
All those victims of circumstance
When will they have the time to dance

*) The heart of San Francisco’s sex trade is called the “tenderloin”