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Twin Peaks


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I’ve always adored the vibe of Twin Peaks.

This is my attempt to capture how it makes me feel. The original is by Angelo Badalamenti.

I started by recreating the sounds of the instruments from the original recording. I spent hours matching the sound of the tremelo bass and rhodes.

Then I decided to make it mine.

This song makes very heavy use of the wonderful plugins from the guys at GoodHertz, including Lossy, Vulf, Lohi, Faraday. If you make music on osx, check them out:

| | | | | — | — | –– | | Vedrana Šlipogor | Ben Montgomery | Marisa Hoeschele | | Lead & Choir Vocals | Lead & Choir Vocals | Choir Vocals |

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pharmakeus said

Excellent rendition with your own twist :)

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