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Beer Wars

Mike Grunert

An epic tale of one man’s courageous journey to find the Earth’s missing beer supply and bring it back……….

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kickenchicken said

Hell Yeah!!!!!

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kirklynch said

Nice! Great guitar work. No mystery where the beer went though. I drank it

Guest said

Yeha Mikey

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oldstinky1 said

I approve young one.

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kickenchicken said

This was awesome.

Guest said

I now have a new theme song. Which is good because my old theme song was karma chameleon and I hate Culture Club. I don’t know how that happened. Anyway the song is way cooler than the movie trilogy. The CRAP you can see on TV late at night. Good job Mike.

Guest said

Fade up from black.
Dust swirls as a tire comes to a stop.
The bottom of a door opens. A boot slides out and heavily hits the ground, twisting up dust.
Up “beer Wars.”
The shot rotates out to a WS and behind the character as he stands staring at an immense ship, shadowed by the setting sun….

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Greg Connor said

Oh Yes, I’m getting thirsty now! I think I have a cold Beck’s up in the refrigerator.

Here I GOooo…

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Guest said

There can be a quest no more important. Rocks.

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