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A Permanent State Of Confusion

Farfetched Tangmo Band

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Pastichio Rocker aka PDOA wrote and performed/programmed this electronica piece and asked me to write and sing a lyric for it. Despite (or maybe because of ) my accent, we considered it a success. It got some college-radio airplay.

I’ve made my move
to a permanant state of confusion.

I don’t know now
any more than I did back then
Thought things would be different
it’s just the same as any place I’ve been

Before I made my move
to a permanant state of confusion.

I stare in the mirror
What do think I see?
Someone I ought to know
and he’s not looking back at me

Seems I’ve made my move
to a permanant state of confusion

Everything’s strange
So everything’s normal
It’s the same old song and dance
but the dress is more formal

Since I’ve made my move
To a permanant state of confusion.

pharmakeus's avatar
pharmakeus said

Groovy track :)

Guest said

Nice to see this track ending up on an album Tangmo. Hope everything's well. -Jesse (PR)

Guest said

Seems pretty well organised to me. Great track!

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kirklynch said

Love the backing tracks and the vocal works really well with them

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