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Even Though It's Christmas

Farfetched Tangmo Band

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Music by Trevitte Brown. Lyrics by Me. I tried to sing it, but it was too high, so Trev did. An old-fashioned Christmas hymn-style song.


Even though it’s christmas
Doesn’t seem like Christmas
Money’s always tight here round this time of year
Guess I’ll have to make time
To stand here restless in this long line
mailing off some toys to grandkids not so near.

There goes Mrs. Purviss
Daughter’s in the service
Stuck up in Kentucky waiting for the next call
Speaks to Mrs. Handy
Thanks her for the lovely Candy
Yellow Ribbon’s pretty pinned to her red shawl.

Next is Pastor Stroebber
Wife passed in October
Don’t know how he holds up to manage a smile
Mr. Gary greets him
His young grandson finally meets him
Pastor stacks his Christmas cards neat in a pile

Postman lets the next go
Young mother that I don’t know.
Dirty little twin boys hold onto her skirt
Wide-eyed faces find me
I smile at them as they remind me
Christmas is a poor child in a world full of hurt.

Now I know it’s Christmas
Now it feels like Christmas
Funny how it sneaks up to make warm your way
“Sweetheart, you don’t know me
But it took your little boys to show me.
Merry Christmas, take this package, and happy holiday.”

Guest said

Wow this is pretty good, I had forgotten it. This is trev hey tango!

pharmakeus's avatar
pharmakeus said

Nicely done :)

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thetworegs said

A beautiful Christmas song downloaded and ready for the day.....Merry Christmas.....

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richardlaceves said

a most touching piece,,beautiful and thought full,, thanks,,, and of course merry christmas to you and your loved ones,, richard

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