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Farfetched Tangmo Band

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Mid-tempo, loud, and sans vocals. You want to sing (or play) on it? Drop me a line.

EDIT: I may have a taker on turning this into a proper song. If he does, this is “off-the-market”, but if he doesn’t, then I’ll put it back on or do my own thing.

Guest said

Great to hear an ole Acid Planet friend on here. Real nice tune you have here. Pro all the way, has a cool vibe to the music reminds me a bit of the Eagles. Very Cool....

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James Michael Taylor said

This is such a solid track it could go a dozen ways. Also, thank you for your comment. I had a 7th line clear up until my final mix when I realized how useless it was...your response verifies my thot. The song was start to finish this afternoon.Thanks again.

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erielake studio said

great arrangement T, reminds me of some early Jackson Browne.....just needs some of your down home lyrics and vocals

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