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Tornado's and Trailerparks

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The hard times of the 99% is all over, and it’s time the people who put us all in this mess be called out ,and have their stink be put in the street.

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Nightmoth said

One of your better recordings, good music, powerful lyrics, sung well.

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Justin Otter Guy said

Still digging it!

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Gene Eric Mann said

Hadn't listen to this song in awhile, and yep, I still love it. Your one of my favorite Political Folk songwriters ever. Thanks for telling it like it is. Rock on!

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Gene Eric Mann said

You just keep on kicking up a bunch of dust and let them !@#$* on Wall Street hear what's going down on Main Street! Love your Political Folk tunes -- you're the today's Woody!

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mikey45011 said

drums bass right on there ,melodeys are better en mine for sure not bad overall

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shamoozey said

nice beat to this one - i hate twisters - lots of feeling in this track T, nicely done!

Guest said

Great Terry, Trailer parks are like that

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Mike Mclaren said

Ain't it the truth! Mean and raunchy! Great!